Styling Sessions


Whether you’re wanting to work with just items from your wardrobe, looking for an outfit for a special occasion or would like to explore styles tailored to your personal taste, budget & body shape - we can make it happen!

I’ve had a love and passion for fashion since I can remember. I love getting to help others feel and look their best no matter the occasion. I’ve been styling for years and have been doing it full - time as a freelance stylist & wardrobe consultant for a variety of clients ranging in ages, body shapes, styles & needs.

From assisting in styling brand collab posts on social media to building capsule wardrobes (seasonal or travel), assembling looks for the work week to finding a budget friendly recreation of any ensemble.

Maybe you’re transitioning to new role in your life and want your wardrobe to reflect that - from becoming a new parent to starting a new job.

Here are some of the ways I can help you -

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Wardrobe Styling

“I have nothing to wear!” will be a thing of the past. Whether you’re wanting to build around your staple pieces to assembling a variety of looks for any occasion with your current items. It’s always great to share how versatile your items are and rediscover new ways to rock your garments in your closet.

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Personal Shopping

Have a particular piece or outfit you have in mind? Have something envisioned but don’t know where or even have the time to look? Or simply wanting new items for the season or a trip based on your personal style & budget - it can all be achieved! No matter what your budget is.


Style Inspiration

Let’s brainstorm ideas for outfits and explore different looks you can create with certain trends and pieces. Customized mood boards and outfit inspiration allow you to visualize and spark new ideas you can try out based on your style preferences.


Reviews from clients:

Gowri (September 2019)

Loved that you got my vibe with me giving such basic inputs. Put together wonderful outfits. Thank you

Audra (July 2019)

“Jocelyn was quick to respond and lovely to work with. She heavily incorporated pieces I already owned, per my wishes, and mixed them in really creative ways.”

Sara (June 2019)

“Jocelyn took my vague direction and hit the nail on the head, she knew exactly what I was looking for even when I didn't. The few times (2) I needed a revision she listened to exactly what I was saying and gave me the perfect updates. And all within my embarrassingly small budget. Thank you, Jocelyn!”

Rose (February 2019)

“Jocelyn was really really great at helping me find new standout pieces! She was so responsive and really took her time to understand me and my needs. Great session!”

Have any questions, want to get more details on anything specific or would like to inquire about booking- send me a message! All services are available for local and remote clients.

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