The Fab Five (March)

There's a plethora of "Fab Five's" - i.e this, this or that.

However here at Strauberry Fields the fab five are my current favorites from five different categories I've been obsessing over in the last month or so.

Check em' out!

Binge Worthy

Love food? Love hearing great stories with a behind the scenes view? 

Netflix's new food documentary series, Ugly Delicious, is just that and so much more. Momofuku's franchise creator and chef, David Chang, along with some of the industry's writers, chefs, critics & some celebrity cameos, take you on a globetrotting adventure into an aesthetically pleasing view of some of the most popular foods and the stories, culture and people behind those dishes. 

Houston is represented (of course) in the "Shrimp and Crawfish" episode.

Check out the trailer here.


Here's the list of restaurants if you're looking to check out any of the places from the show.


Cool Shop

I'm a planner, so of course I'm always on the hunt for the cutest planners, notebooks and notepads all year round. My personal favorites are Bando and Rifle Paper Co., however Erin Condren's flagship store had me sold!

The online shop now has a brick and mortar at The Domain in Austin, TX. and the store is to die for! 

You can personalize your own planner and notebook, customize a variety of items and even host private parties! 



I like Colourpop and their products, especially considering price points. When they launched their Lux Lipstick's earlier this year I was a little iffy and bought a few to test out (they're only $7!).

I became completely obsessed with these lipsticks - great price, fantastic application & that packaging! Colors range from the lightest nude to a complete black shade.

I keep purchasing more colors at each restock (they sell out so fast -boo). These give some of those high end lipsticks a run for their money.

Want to try them for yourself? Buy them here!



I was one of the millions that couldn't stop talking about Marvel's newest release, Black Panther, after watching it opening weekend in February. I wanted to see it over and over and over again.

Apart from the film itself, the music that was paired with each scene had me wanting more. Perfectly curated by Kendrick Lamar featuring several artists like SZA, Future, Zacari, Travis Scott, The Weeknd and Lamar himself to name a few.

Since then this has been the most played album, if not the only at this point, on the daily and there seems to be no cure in sight for this obsession.

I'm not mad about it.



Last, but most certainly not least is one of my current favorite spots to grab a bite in Houston - Emmaline.

This American restaurant with a nod to European influences (according to their site) is not only the absolute prettiest space but serves delicious dishes that are not complex or heavy but well put together.

Try them out for Saturday or Sunday brunch or for a nice dinner date. 

Complimentary valet is available.


Did you make it to the end of this list?!  Woohoo!

Let me know what your favorites have been recently, comment down below - I'd love to know.

Until next time!