All That 90's

It's no secret to anyone that 90's style, pop culture and television is back in full force and I, for one, could not be more ecstatic!

I have nothing but the best memories and realized I never really grew out of the music, TV, style (well with some exceptions for sure) and favorite brands. All this nostalgia has got me reminiscing of those simpler times...

The decade I spent my elementary school age days sneaking away to watch Daria and TRL on MTV (I was forbidden to watch that channel), waiting for the top 5 songs at 9:00pm on Houston's local mainstream radio channel, 104 KRBE (Hey Atom Smasher!), to record songs on my cassette tapes so I could jam to them anytime I pleased. 

Where the only "stress" I knew at the time was what cute school supplies I could get my hands on (Lisa Frank, Sanrio), making sure not to miss Friday night runs to Blockbuster to pick out the latest releases and attempting to not come home with busted knees from playing outside (always had bloody knees)


My absolute favorite 90's brown lipstick is Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crayon in "Send Nudes". It's a cool brown with a frosted look - could it be anymore perfect?


And speaking of playing outside, that was all I loved to do. Riding my bike around the neighborhood, summers spent at the pool and always running around playing with friends. I was obsessed with The Secret Garden and since our backyard was pretty big, I'd always tell my classmates how I also had  secret garden of my own. And in my wild imaginative mind would take them on tours through the big bushes and trees and through a loose wooden fence piece only to end up in our neighbors yard where they had the cutest dog and would always give us treats.

It was a time I would get extremely awkward when any boy had a crush on me and always had a plan to steer them away to another girl or pay them a nickel (I know, cheapo) to get over me - Jason's favorite story.

Where three way calling your BFF's after school was crucial and attending the best slumber party was top priority for your weekend plans.


I always wondered what it would have been like to be an adult in the 90's and now that I have that (not really, at all), young Joss would be in awe we never really changed in tastes, music didn't get better, there are so many reboots but still none from Friends and there's still no flying cars, but we do carry around little computers in our pockets ;)


Craving 90's jams? Check out my favorite 90's songs! 


What are of your favorite memories, songs, TV shows, shenanigans from the 90's?!

Would love to hear them - comment below:)


- J


PS. Who wants to bet when the early - mid 2000's fashion (hello gaucho pants and butterfly clips) and music will come back around by?