Trend Report: Hair Accessories

We all know that retro (70’s - 90’s) styles have made a huge comeback in the last few seasons. From clothing to foot wear, jewelry and even music & TV (hello reboots).

One of them also being hair accessories! Retro inspired with a modern look to them. Runway shows like Prada’s padded headbands at their Spring 2019 show, Derek Lam’s print head scarves and Oscar de la Renta’s hair pieces for the Fall 2019 collection have inspired the trend in a big way straight to street style looks and everyday outfits.

Think less butterfly clips and more so statement hair clips, hair wraps, headbands, scrunchies - the list can go on and on. Some of my personal favorite pieces I’ve been incorporating into my looks whether it’s super casual to more dressier outfits are pearl & tortoise hair clips, as well as padded headbands & hair scarfs.


Here are some great finds I personally own and/or would highly recommend in each category that are budget friendly:

Hair Clips:


Hair Scarves & Ribbons:

What are some styles you’ve been trying or looking forward to rocking this season?

Have any recommendations? I’m always excited to discover new pieces, let me know!


The Fab Five (Current Favorites)

It's that time again for another round of The Fab Five - current five favorites from five different categories!

As mentioned in a prior post, this is in no relation to the Queer Eye guys, Michigan Wolverines basketball players or the tribute Beatles band. Although all fab in their own right;)

It's actually not the easiest putting these together because for me to love something, I have to really love it. I would never suggest, mention or recommend something that is so-so (in my own opinion, of course).

Anyway, without further ado, let's get this started! 



If you love an intimate, cozy setting sharing the most delicious dishes over great company - this is a place for you. Located in a quaint little house in Montrose, Nobie's offers an always changing seasonal menu with the most mouth watering combinations. It has very quickly become one of my top favorite Houston restaurants!

Always leave with the best service, best music (all on vinyls, which you can bring your own if you want played!) and best times with great company gabbing over a great selection of food.

Be warned, they do not take reservations so plan accordingly.

Thanks to Kwon W. for capturing some of these!


Collab Product

When one of my favorite fragrant brands released a gorgeous collaboration earlier this summer with Poppy Delevigne, I knew I had to nab some goods!

The British socialite slash actress slash model slash girlier sister to Cara Delevigne repackaged her favorite scents and products from Jo Malone in the most colorful and obnoxiously cute packaging (all up my alley). Out of all the products released, what stopped me in my tracks was the bubble bath products. If you're a Jo Malone user, you know that as a bath and body brand it's insanely strange they don't already have this as part of their regular line - so this was a huge deal.

I love a sweet package but I like my scents dark with maybe some hints (like a dash) of femininity. When I saw the Velvet Rose & Oud (darkest damast rose, smoky oud wood, clove & praline) was in bubble bath form I immediately had to have my hands on it. As a lover of bubble baths, this one has been my absolute favorite one and leaves the best scent on your skin as well your bathroom.

Check out the whole Queen of Pop limited edition collection here.


Binge Worthy

I love me some Seinfeld and enjoy anything Jerry Seinfeld has ever put out. Years ago when Crackle released Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (could that be anymore Jason btw) we always looked forward to watching the latest episodes until it suddenly disappeared. 

Low and behold, Netflix answered our prayers, picked up the show a few years after the fact and released a new season this summer with some more of our favorites like Ellen DeGeneres, Hasan Minaj and Kate McKinnon.

If you like seeing a casual interview style short episodes with comedians driving around and getting coffee then definitely check it out if you haven't already.


Summer Piece

It doesn't happen very often, believe it or not, but there are certain things that have that "love at first sight" effect on me. Yeah, there's lots of cute and appealing things here and there, but love - that's a strong word.

Earlier this summer I spotted the most colorful and gorgeous basket bag but was trying to be "good" and not jump the gun on it. After a month of dreaming about it, I ran to get it before it was too late and got reunited with the beauty. Since then we've been inseparable and cannot tell you how many times I get stopped to get compliments on it. 

It's actually very easy to stuff all my belongings in it, easy and comfy to carry and definitely the star of the any look I pair it with. There are so many great styled basket bags but this one just had my name on it.

Check out other bags or this same exact one from Anthropologie here.


Music to My Ears

Literally. So this one was a little tough because there were a few albums that recently came out that I've been enjoying. But alas, I had to pick just one. The winner for this was the one that I found harder to stop playing - Arctic Monkeys' "Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino"!

I still remember hearing "Fluorescent Adolescent" and "I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor" for the first time and since then have become a huge Arctic Monkeys fan. Their last album before this one ,"AM", was non-stop playing from beginning to end so my expectations were very high for this new album. 

The new album took a sharp turn away from "AM" and sent us off to the 70's. Front man, Alex Turner, takes us on a trippy, psychedelic journey through cryptic lyrics, interesting one liners and has every song flow perfectly together throughout the whole album. The sound may be different, but it's still very much them - which I can appreciate.


And those are my current Fab Five's! What stuck out to you the most? Interested to try or check out any of the ones mentioned?

What are some of YOUR current favorites, I'd love to know!

Until next time xx

- J



The Fab Five (March)

There's a plethora of "Fab Five's" - i.e this, this or that.

However here at Strauberry Fields the fab five are my current favorites from five different categories I've been obsessing over in the last month or so.

Check em' out!

Binge Worthy

Love food? Love hearing great stories with a behind the scenes view? 

Netflix's new food documentary series, Ugly Delicious, is just that and so much more. Momofuku's franchise creator and chef, David Chang, along with some of the industry's writers, chefs, critics & some celebrity cameos, take you on a globetrotting adventure into an aesthetically pleasing view of some of the most popular foods and the stories, culture and people behind those dishes. 

Houston is represented (of course) in the "Shrimp and Crawfish" episode.

Check out the trailer here.


Here's the list of restaurants if you're looking to check out any of the places from the show.


Cool Shop

I'm a planner, so of course I'm always on the hunt for the cutest planners, notebooks and notepads all year round. My personal favorites are Bando and Rifle Paper Co., however Erin Condren's flagship store had me sold!

The online shop now has a brick and mortar at The Domain in Austin, TX. and the store is to die for! 

You can personalize your own planner and notebook, customize a variety of items and even host private parties! 



I like Colourpop and their products, especially considering price points. When they launched their Lux Lipstick's earlier this year I was a little iffy and bought a few to test out (they're only $7!).

I became completely obsessed with these lipsticks - great price, fantastic application & that packaging! Colors range from the lightest nude to a complete black shade.

I keep purchasing more colors at each restock (they sell out so fast -boo). These give some of those high end lipsticks a run for their money.

Want to try them for yourself? Buy them here!



I was one of the millions that couldn't stop talking about Marvel's newest release, Black Panther, after watching it opening weekend in February. I wanted to see it over and over and over again.

Apart from the film itself, the music that was paired with each scene had me wanting more. Perfectly curated by Kendrick Lamar featuring several artists like SZA, Future, Zacari, Travis Scott, The Weeknd and Lamar himself to name a few.

Since then this has been the most played album, if not the only at this point, on the daily and there seems to be no cure in sight for this obsession.

I'm not mad about it.



Last, but most certainly not least is one of my current favorite spots to grab a bite in Houston - Emmaline.

This American restaurant with a nod to European influences (according to their site) is not only the absolute prettiest space but serves delicious dishes that are not complex or heavy but well put together.

Try them out for Saturday or Sunday brunch or for a nice dinner date. 

Complimentary valet is available.


Did you make it to the end of this list?!  Woohoo!

Let me know what your favorites have been recently, comment down below - I'd love to know.

Until next time!