The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony....


If you're anything like me, one of your guiltiest of pleasures is trash TV and The Bachelor franchise is no exception.

Bachelor/Bachelorette world let's us follow along a dude or girl date over 20 people in less than two months to see who they'll spend the rest of their life with....or really the next few months doing interviews. 

It's also a chance to see who can get far enough in the competition to get a social media career promoting hair gummies or a Fab Fit Fun subscription. 

We're here for it!

The 3 hour season finale is this Monday, March 5th followed by an after the rose special on Tuesday, March 6th - which promises to bring many surprises and dramatic moments we won't want to miss. 

(Bet you heard that last line in Chris Harrison's voice)


Bachelor viewing party is a must at Casa Straubinger and for the two day, long houred episodes a light yet fulfilling munchie is key, like popcorn! The clear popcorn containers are super affordable and perfect for movie nights. These particular ones are from Party City.

Stay hydrated with some rose lemonade, very fitting for the Bachelor theme - my favorite one is the Belvoir Elderflower & Rose Lemonade. 


Create your own Bachelor Bouquet Arie style with these checkered flags I created. Add a slim wooden stick (kabob sticks work perfectly) and root on your favorite gal!


Click on the image and print. Or if you want to adjust the sizing copy image to Word document.


Truth be told Sienne was my absolute favorite - I was such a fan! But since she left a while back, I'm rooting for Becca even though I'm pretty sure it'll be Lauren who'll win ;-)

The race for Arie's heart is underway! Are you #TeamBecca or #TeamLauren?! 

See you at the finish line! 



- J