My name is Joss and I love lip gloss, don't always floss and sometimes have memory loss.

Corny much? Good you're getting to know me already!

I love to write and share great finds whether it's food, fashion, reads, music - anything really!

This little space is something I've had in the back of my mind for the longest time and decided to finally just start it and share it with you all! 


Here are some little details about me:

- Christ follower - first got saved at 17 and rededicated at 21 years old & haven't looked back.

- I've been together with my best friend and partner in crime, Jason, for 10 years (started dating in January 2008) and been married 4 of those years. Best season of my life, thus far.

- Coffee lover (and addict) to the core. Literally core, I believe they recently found out my blood is actually coffee. Chances are 90% of the time you've see me I'm holding a cup of coffee.

You get it.

- Huge dog person. HUGE. In a perfect world I would have about a zillions dogs but as of right now we're committed to just one - Bowie David Straubinger (a Bichon Frise).

-  I love food and trying new places out. Definitely one of my favorites things about living in Houston - the diversity in its people and food!

- Speaking of Houston, I was born and raised in this lovely city. 


I'm so excited you to have you here!


- J